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If you’ve ever looked up anything about air conditioners, you may have come across the term “static pressure,” but you may not be familiar with it means or why it’s important. Read on for a breakdown of what you need to know about static pressure in HVAC systems to keep your home comfortable year-round.

What Is Static Pressure?

Static pressure refers to the resistance your HVAC’s airflow meets throughout the system. Your HVAC needs to be able to push air through at a greater pressure than the resistance, or static pressure, that it meets; otherwise, you won’t be able to heat or cool your home.

What Causes High Static Pressure?

There are three major causes of high static pressure in your ductwork.

Air Filter Is Clogged or Too Restrictive

Your air filter may be clogged or too restrictive. A dirty air filter will restrict airflow, causing static pressure to increase. If the air filter has become clogged with dust, the pressure in the ductwork will increase, and it will be harder to circulate air through it. If your air filter restricts airflow, you need to replace or clean it.

The Air Returns Are Undersized

The static pressure of your system will increase if you do not have appropriate size returns for the air conditioner. When choosing an air conditioner, your unit must have a matched return with proper sizing and airflow.

Indoor Coil Is Dirty

The coils in your air conditioner can create resistance to airflow. Because of this, dirt and debris will build up on the coils. If too much dirt and debris are on the coils, your indoor fan will have more static pressure than it otherwise would.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the major contributing factors to static pressure, you’re probably wondering why they’re important.

What Happens When Your System Has Static Pressure Problems?

Noise can be a problem with a system that has high static pressure. This is because the pipes in your HVAC system are trying to push air through them but can’t due to the clogs and debris. If there’s not enough air being pushed through, it needs to go somewhere; excess air will escape. In most cases, this will escape through your ducts and vents or even through cracks in your home’s foundation.

Equipment failure can also be caused by high static pressure. When a system is trying to push air through a clog, it will eventually backfire, and the air will go in the opposite direction than it was supposed to go. This can cause many different problems; in some cases, it can even break your HVAC system’s blower motor or its fan clutch.

Impaired flow through your HVAC system can cause heating or cooling problems in your home. If the air returns are clogged, it will be much harder for the system to bring down the temperature in your home. This is because the air is under pressure, but there’s not enough flow to replace it with fresh air. In this case, replacing undersized air returns will help relieve high static pressure and make your system work better.

Higher energy bills may also be a problem if you have problems with high static pressure. If your system works harder than it needs to, and if the air returns are clogged, you will have a lot more trouble keeping your home cool or warm. This means that your air conditioning and heating unit will need to run longer, resulting in higher energy bills.

In some instances, high static pressure can cause health issues in your home. The same pipes that allow your system to keep itself in working condition can also leak dirt, allergens, and other contaminants into the air. If the pipes in your HVAC system are dirty, you need to take action to clean them so that they’re capable of serving their purpose. At Cardwell, we install and maintain cooling and heating systems. We serve Cherry Hill and surrounding areas.

In conclusion, static pressure is a severe problem and should be addressed. Not only will it cause system failures, but it can also leak pollutants into your air, pollute the surrounding area, and raise your energy bills. Contacting a professional at the first sign of high static pressure is essential. We offer cooling, heating, and plumbing services. Contact Cardwell today for more information.