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A clogged condensate drain makes the air conditioner work harder and takes longer to cool your home, causing your electricity bills to increase. Clogging of AC drain lines hinders drainage of condensed humidity, causing water to leak and, in worst cases, making the AC unable to turn on. Strained operation means parts of the AC are doing more than they should, which ultimately reduces its lifespan, affects indoor air quality, and risks your wood products succumbing to mold and moisture damage. Clogged AC drain lines aren’t easy to clean, but the following tips can relieve the burden before calling a professional.

Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum to Clear the Clog

Power off the air conditioner and then locate the drain line, which is usually found outside. Assess the clog to know how deep or big it is, and then use a wire brush to loosen it. A wire brush does a great job when the clog sits close to the drain line’s outside opening. Therefore, if nothing comes out after trying to remove the clog using a wire brush, use more advanced solutions such as a wet/dry vacuum.

Start by connecting the dry/wet vacuum hose to the drain line’s end and secure the connection by wrapping duct tape around it. Turn your vacuum cleaner on and leave it running to siphon anything obstructing the drain line. The extracted contents will collect inside the vacuum, and your drain line will be opened. But if the vacuum cleaner does not suck any dirt content, the clog hasn’t been removed. If this is the case, you need to talk with a professional HVAC contractor to assist with removing the blockage.

The team at Cardwell Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing is highly trained and ready to tackle this kind of project for you. Our professional condensate drain line clog removal services are beneficial in the following ways:

  • Prompt and efficient drain line unclogging services
  • Potentially extends the life of the air conditioner
  • Protects your home from mold formation
  • Improves the quality of indoor air
  • Reduces the energy bills

Wash the Drain Line With Distilled Vinegar

Washing the drain line with distilled vinegar is another way to remove the clog. Locate the condensate drain’s vent tee end and pour distilled vinegar into the drain. Distilled vinegar has strong acetic acid properties capable of killing bacteria, mold, and algae inside the condensate drain. Given enough time to react, vinegar should alter the blockage enough to allow it to pass. After an hour or two, pour a cup of water into the vent tee access point. The water will cleanse any remnant clog components and flow through the drain line exit into your home’s drain system.

Using Compressed Air Solutions

Compressed air solutions use air blasted at a pressure of up to 800PSI to unblock large clogs from AC drain lines. The high-pressure air blasts can push virtually every size of drain line clog, but since they’re powerful, use them with caution. Don’t use them for drain lines with incorrectly fitted joints. Doing so may cause the joints to disconnect from each other, which ultimately means spending money to fix the problem. In addition, the powerful air blasts could leave old condensate drain lines a wreck.

Use Condensate Drain Tools and Chemicals

There are many condensate drain line chemicals and tools that can be added to the drain line to remove obstructions caused by debris and mold. Tools such as smart snakes can remove almost every type and size of drain line clog. However, some tools must be used alongside wet/dry vacuum cleaners to clear out drain line obstructions. Some drain line clog removal products available at the homeowner’s disposal include shop-vac, drain line tablets, plunger, and drain snake products. Whichever tools you use, apply EPA-approved mold inhibitors to your drain rains and coils to prevent the possibility of future blockages.

Call the Professionals

If none of these DIY tricks manages to remove the clog blocking your condensate drain line, call Cardwell Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. You can trust us with your air conditioner maintenance, repair, and servicing projects. We offer scheduled air conditioner maintenance programs and provide HVAC services in Cherry Hill, South Jersey and the surrounding areas. We are experienced in dealing with repairs, installations, and maintenance of commercial and residential water heaters, ductless systems, boilers, and tankless water heaters. We commit to delivering services to our clients alongside offering amazing discounts and feasible pricing models. Give us a call today!