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Before long, summer will be upon us, and the beautiful Cherry Hill, NJ, sunshine will arrive. With that sunshine will come hot temperatures, though, and that means that your home will need a reliable air conditioner that doesn’t just work regularly, but works efficiently and helps keep your monthly cooling bills reasonable. If you’re in the market for a new AC unit, your two primary options are a full HVAC system and a window AC unit. The most common kind of HVACs is the central air system, but many homeowners also decide to use heat pumps for both heating and cooling.

Window units and HVAC systems have at least one similarity: They’re both effective options for keeping you comfortable. Other than that, though, the two are very different, and each of them offers advantages and disadvantages.

Window Units Are Much Cheaper

Window units vary significantly in size and quality, but even the most expensive ones are much cheaper than the average HVAC system. You can sometimes find a window AC unit for as little as $100, and some of the higher-end choices can be closer to $1,000. You also save money on installation costs when you purchase one, as should be able to handle it yourself. Even if you need to hire help, though, it should be a rather inexpensive job.

If you purchase a central air system, you’ll likely be paying anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. When you add in the installation costs, you’re looking at a much larger investment than you’d be making with a window unit. That said, if you’re in the greater Cherry Hill area, our AC installation experts at Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning will be able to give you the best deal possible to get you set up with your new system.

HVAC Systems Cool Your Entire Home

The main downside to purchasing a window unit is that it will only be able to account for one room or area of your home. Of course, if you live in an apartment, a small home, or spend most of your time in one room, one window AC unit should work perfectly. However, if you want to use window units to keep an entire average-sized or large house cool, you will probably need to purchase three or four of them. When you have to do that, it will cancel out a lot of the money you would typically save by foregoing the expensive HVAC system. Central air units and heat pumps will have no trouble circulating cool air to every part of your home. That said, if you have an especially large house, you’ll most likely need to pay a bit more to upgrade to a larger HVAC system.

Window Units Are More Efficient

Another area in which window units will save you money is energy usage. On average, a window AC unit needs to use significantly less electricity than an HVAC system to operate. However, if you have more than one unit, that may no longer be the case. Several variables come into play, but if you have more than two or three window units running regularly, the cumulative amount of energy needed will probably surpass that of an HVAC system.

HVAC Systems Are More Costly to Repair

Typically, owning an HVAC system comes with several extra costs when compared to owning a window unit. For one, you need to invest in yearly maintenance visits to keep your central air system or heat pump running properly. Plus, if any of the HVAC unit’s components malfunction or become worn out, you’ll have to cover a significant repair bill. Alternatively, if your window unit ever becomes damaged or has a serious malfunction, your best bet may be to simply purchase a replacement. Because each unit is relatively inexpensive, it shouldn’t be too tough of a pill to swallow.

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