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PSE&G Opportunities

PSE&G and Cardwell Customer Opportunities

Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning is Participating in the PSE&G Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program! We are one of the few qualified and participating contractors in our area for the program, and are excited to help our customers save BIG on upgrading their home comfort.

If you are a PSE&G customer, the great news is that PSE&G has recently updated their approval process for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, making it easier than ever. If you’re interested in upgrading any number of your home appliances or simply making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, let us know.

How Does the Home Performance with Energy Star Program Work?

After the recent approval process changes, PSE&G customers now have a greater chance at being approved to receive the benefits of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. Once approved for the program, homeowners will be able take advantage of up to $15,000 in interest-free on-bill repayment to go towards these upgrades. This is in addition to the existing state and manufacturer rebates we can help you obtain!

The first step is having an approved contractor such as Cardwell Heating and Air Conditioning perform a home energy assessment. Our team will look at the current systems and appliances in your home as well as things like your insulation, hot water system, and more. We’ll have a low-pressure conversation with you about how comfortable you are in your home, and take everything into consideration.

This is an excellent opportunity for our customers to take advantage of. You can not only make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, but also find ways to save on your monthly energy costs and raise the value of your home.

How Do I Find Out if I Qualify?

Simple! Contact Cardwell Heating and Air Conditioning! We’ll find a convenient time to visit your home and perform this home energy assessment. During that time, we’ll also gladly answer any questions you may have about the program, product recommendations, and anything else that comes to mind. Even if you don’t qualify or decide to move forward, you’ll have a great understanding of what to think about in the future. There’s not really much to lose!

Curious if you’re approved? Contact Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning today!