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How to Set Your Thermostat for Fall

The fall season brings cooler temperatures and a shift from relying on your air conditioner to stay comfortably cool indoors to using your furnace to keep your home warm and cozy. Households and businesses in the Cherry Hill area often ask us what thermostat setting is ideal for transitional fall weather. Keep reading to learn how you can maximize energy efficiency and keep your home comfortable by optimizing your thermostat settings this fall season.

Your Ideal Thermostat Setting Will Likely Be Variable

Most homes and places of business will need to utilize multiple thermostat settings to maximize energy efficiency. The recommended temperature setting for homes during daytime hours when you and your family are actively moving about is 68 degrees. For office buildings and people who have a more sedentary lifestyle, the recommended temperature is 71. When you are away from home or sleeping at night, you can lower your thermostat by as much as 10 degrees to conserve energy and save money on your heating bill. Depending on your individual preference, your thermostat settings may be slightly higher or lower.

Benefits of Installing a Progammable Thermostat

If you adjust your thermostat according to your activity level and daily schedule, you may find yourself forgetting to make adjustments or arriving home to uncomfortably cool air. A programmable thermostat takes over the task of remembering to adjust your thermostat as you go about your day. You can enter your desired temperature according to your preferences at different times throughout the day and night. In addition to eliminating the need for you to remember to adjust your thermostat multiple times each day, using a programmable thermostat may reduce the wear and tear on your system as you will be required to make fewer manual adjustments. There are several different types of programmable thermostats that work with a variety of different HVAC systems.

Programmable Thermostat vs. Smart Thermostats

The terms “programmable thermostat” and “smart thermostat” are often used interchangeably. Contrary to what many of our customers initially believe, programmable thermostats and smart thermostats differ significantly. A smart thermostat is slightly more advanced than a programmable thermostat in that the smart device can learn your daily schedule and make adjustments accordingly. Smart thermostats also may include the capability to provide information related to the air inside your home. Some smart thermostats provide alerts that detail humidity level, toxic gas levels, the presence of smoke, and general air quality.

Should You Get a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

Programmable and smart thermostats may or may not be Wi-Fi-compatible. A Wi-Fi thermostat connects to your home or place of business’ wireless internet network and allows you to control the thermostat remotely. Therefore, if you forget to adjust your thermostat prior to leaving, you can log in from a manufacturer-specific app or from a designated site or software on your computer and make adjustments while on the go. Wi-Fi thermostats are perfect for frequent travelers and people who have varying schedules.

Preparing Your HVAC System for Fall

Ensuring your thermostat is always set to an appropriate setting is just the beginning when it comes to optimizing your HVAC system for fall. Before the weather gets cool, we recommend scheduling an appointment to have your furnace cleaned and inspected to ensure safe, efficient operation. Our knowledgeable technicians can perform annual inspections, cleanings, and tune-ups. We will assess your home and identify potential ways you can conserve energy and save money on your heating bill as the temperature drops. If you are working on new construction or would simply like to upgrade your existing HVAC system, we offer the latest technologies within our extensive line of high-quality furnaces and other HVAC parts and appliances. Bring us your ideas, or we can design your new HVAC system from scratch.

Trusted Furnace Maintenance and Repair in Cherry Hill

At Cardwell HVAC, we aim to deliver a satisfactory experience to all of our customers in Cherry Hill and the surrounding areas. Not only are our technicians competent and courteous, but our installations come with a one-year money-back guarantee. Heaters and air conditioners carry a 10-year replacement guarantee. For residential customers, we offer a one-year warranty on parts and labor. To learn more about how we can optimize your HVAC system for fall and reduce your energy consumption, call us today. Our talented team will promptly respond to your inquiry.