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The summers in Cherry Hill, NJ, can get toasty. So, you want to make sure that your cooling system is going to do its job during those months. Regular maintenance is a must for keeping an AC unit healthy, which is one of our specialties at Cardwell Heating and Air Conditioning. Ensuring that the cooling system is the correct size for your home is another. Here is an overview of the topic so that you can be sure your home has the right size AC.

Energy Efficiency

The most important reason why the AC unit in your home has to be the right size is energy efficiency. If the unit is too small, it will take longer to cool your home. When the unit is too small, no matter how long you run the unit, you are never going to achieve whole-home comfort. Not only is this inefficient, but it could also be frustrating.

If your system is too large, you are most likely going to end up turning it on and off more often, which overdoes it on the unit’s wear and tear. Plus, each time it starts up, it uses additional energy. When the unit is too big, it is going to over-cool your home. A cool home is nice during the warmer days of the year, but the process should be efficient, or you’ll end up wasting energy and paying more.

Unit Wear and Tear

A unit that is not the right size is going to get over-used in some shape or form. Whether the extra use comes because you have to run it all day or are turning it on and off often, it is not great for the unit. You may keep up with the maintenance as recommended by professionals and the manufacturer, but you are going to run into repairs and replacements sooner. This is not ideal. Your AC unit is an investment. The goal is to give the AC an opportunity to reach its expected lifespan. It will not happen through extra stress.


An AC unit that is too big for a home, is going to produce output in short bursts. While it is still going to cool the house, it is not going to dehumidify it, which is an additional benefit that an AC provides.

You need a balanced level of humidity in your home. It there is not enough, you are more likely to experience dry and itchy skin. When there is too much, the humidity has a negative impact on indoor air quality. Too much humidity in an enclosed space allows bacteria and other live allergens to thrive. If there is someone in the household who has respiratory issues, they are likely to develop their symptoms.

Be Strategic

Once you find the correct size unit for your home, there are some strategies you can employ to further maximize its output. Where it is placed in the home is important, too. Take into account how close it is to windows. Then, figure out the times of the day when you are going to use it more often.

Homeowners browse through AC units that are currently on the market for a number of reasons. Maybe you have realized that your energy consumption is increasing and becoming more expensive. Then, there are those who are building a new home so they are exploring their options. No matter your situation, you need to get the size of the unit correct. If the home is being built, you need to get its placement correct, too.

Remember that there are professionals at your disposal who can give you advice. Our HVAC technicians have the experience and expertise to guide customers. Based on your preferences, we have the ability to make solid suggestions.

Undersize Instead of Oversize

As you browse through the available AC units on the market, keep in mind that professionals encourage consumers to veer toward undersizing rather than oversizing. If the AC is a little smaller than ideal, you are still going to receive all its benefits, including the output and de-humidification.

In some ways, the technology of a cooling unit is similar to the technology of a vehicle. A long trip is healthier for a vehicle as opposed to the start and stop of driving in a city. The AC unit is going to age, but it is likely to last longer if there is no constant starting and stopping.

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