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Ever hear of the winter drought? It’s the one that happens inside many homes across New Jersey, and the entire country for that matter, once the cold weather moves in and the heater gets turned on.

This is a common phenomenon that occurs when residential heating systems deplete the air inside a home of the natural humidity that is usually present. Knowing this at least helps you to better prepare for it, as well as find ways to combat it.

What You Need to Know About Heating and Humidity

Losing humidity in the air can affect you in ways you didn’t even realize. So, it is also important to better understand what to watch for and methods to use to combat this undesirable situation.

Dry air makes it easier for viruses to travel. That increases the likelihood of you getting sick. Even worse, it increases the chances of every member of your household catching that same illness.

When the air is dry, it makes things less comfortable, such as your skin and mucus membranes. Reducing the natural moisture makes conditions dry and even itchy. This can make you and your family very uncomfortable, all winter long.

Having arid air in your home increases the risk of static electric shock, snoring and can even be detrimental to houseplants. It just makes sense to try to combat these unfavorable conditions and make winter more bearable.

Aside from the heater drying out the air, cooler air holds less moisture than naturally warm air, to begin with. The combination of these two factors makes for uncomfortable conditions inside your home.

A great way to stave off the nasty dry air is with a humidifier, which reintroduces moisture to the air. You have the option of a stand alone room humidifier or a whole-house system.

Keep your home well-insulated, seal off air leaks, replace old weatherstripping and do whatever you can to seal your home. This reduces the amount you need to use the heating system, plus it makes your household more energy-efficient. The other advantages of having a more energy-efficient home is that it saves you money on your utility bills and it means your house is more Eco-friendly.

And of course, stay hydrated!

Keep Your Heating Functional

Schedule a tune-up service for your heating system, in order to keep it working properly. This will help conditions in your household, as well as help with energy-efficiency. For the best all-around local service, the company to trust in is Cardwell HVAC. We take every opportunity possible to provide our clients with superior service, and at an affordable price.