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You’ve probably heard that heat pumps are very efficient heating and cooling systems. What makes them so efficient? One of the reasons is that they work with existing warmth in the air rather than generating their own heat. Below, we go into detail on how these innovative systems work and how to determine if a heat pump is right for your home.

How a Heat Pump Works in Cooling Mode

Heat pumps use an innovative technology that removes heat from your home to cool it off and gathers heat into your home from outside to warm it. With a heat pump, you get both heating and cooling capabilities in one system.

A physical property of heat is that it naturally gravitates toward lower temperatures and lower pressure. Heat pumps take advantage of this physical property for heating and cooling your home.

When your heat pump is in cooling mode, it pumps the liquid refrigerant through the indoor coil. Indoor air blows across the coil, causing the refrigerant to absorb the heat energy. This cooled air is then circulated throughout your home. When a liquid refrigerant absorbs heat, it evaporates into its gas form.

The gaseous refrigerant travels through the compressor and becomes pressurized. It becomes heated up again because of this pressurization. The gaseous refrigerant transfers to the outdoor coil where a fan blows air on it. Because the outdoor air is cooler, the heat is transferred to the outdoor air. As the gaseous refrigerant cools off during this process, it returns to liquid form.

Once it’s in liquid form again, the refrigerant travels to the expansion valve for further cooling as the expansion valve reduces pressure. The prepared cool refrigerant is now pumped back into the evaporator coil to repeat the process.

How a Heat Pump Works in Heating Mode

With one exception, heat pumps work the same way in heating mode as they do in cooling mode. The difference is that the flow of refrigerant is reversed. Thus, the indoor coil now functions as a condenser, and the outdoor coil functions as an evaporator. You may notice that the air coming from your vents is slightly cool, which is normal with a heat pump. It is still heating your home and will maintain the set temperature on your thermostat. While in heating mode, a heat pump is up to three times as efficient as a forced-air heating system.

Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning provides heat pump installations to residents of Cherry Hill, NJ, and the surrounding areas. If you need to break down the cost of an installation into smaller payments, we have financing options available on approved credit.

Is a Heat Pump Right for You?

The type of heating and cooling system that is right for you depends on the climate, your residence, and your personal preferences. Some houses have a working gas line that makes a gas furnace a reasonable choice, but for homeowners who don’t have an existing gas line, they may find another option to be a better alternative.

The efficiency of a heat pump changes based on the outdoor temperature, but overall, this technology is still energy-efficient. Old models of heat pumps lose efficiency and effectiveness once the outdoor temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The exact point at which a heat pump begins losing efficiency and effectiveness in heating your home varies among the different models, so you should check this feature while shopping around. Newer models typically stay efficient and effective down to 0 degrees. In Cherry Hill, the average low temperature during winter is 29–35 degrees.

Heat pumps are best for well-insulated homes. If your home isn’t insulated well, then the heat pump may not be as efficient or effective as you had hoped. Heat pump installation technicians can let you know during their assessment if your home has enough insulation. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our installations to help making a decision easier for you. Our skilled technicians will also provide honest recommendations on what type of system is best for your residence.

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