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Heating Maintenance

At Cardwell HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer an 18 point tune-up and inspection of your heating system. This is to ensure that the air in your home is clean, and the unit stays that way through the winter.

Our trained and certified technicians will inspect your heating system and run tests to make sure it is running at its optimal condition. We want you to avoid heating system failures, which is why we provide you top-notch services. You can fully ensure high-quality performance with our maintenance service. Our customers have various schedules, and they do their best to adjust to all of them. Unlike other maintenance services, Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning aim to fit in with your schedule.

We are experts, and happy to provide the best heater and HVAC maintenance and offer heater service contracts to you. When we do tune-ups, we go through an intensive 18-point inspection regiment. These inspections maintain the efficiency and extend the life span of your equipment and provide you with the comfort of knowing your equipment will not break down.


Questions and Answers ( Maintenance)

How long does it take to service a heater?
Furnace tune-ups take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on the unit. You won't have to put your whole day on hold. It's a small investment of time to make sure you aren't huddled and waiting for heat when you need it most.
How often should you do furnace maintenance?
A gas furnace should be serviced at least once a year, preferably, though, in both the spring and the fall. Annual maintenance, including a thorough examination and cleaning of the parts that commonly malfunction, like the air filter, the fan, the pilot light, and the heat exchanger, can usually prevent these problems.
What is a heater tune up?
During your tune-up, your maintenance technician will clean and check over your heating equipment, identifying areas of wear and tear. They can identify failing parts in need of replacement before they become a serious problem. A tune-up alone may instantly improve energy efficiency by up to 30%.

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