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Heat Pump Service

There’s nothing like coming inside to a warm, cozy house when the weather is cold and damp.

Often we take our heating systems for granted, and then when something goes wrong, we want it fixed right away. Count on Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning to keep your heating system running.

Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning is an experienced, family owned and operated business and we pride ourselves in complete customer satisfaction. Since 2002 we have installed, serviced, and repaired heating systems. Our pricing is competitive and we offer same day service.

Heat Pump



Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning can install Oil Tank heaters, as well as HVAC systems. Call us today about the benefits of upgrading or changing your heating system.


We service heating systems including electric furnaces, gas furnaces, gas heaters, gas boilers, heat pumps, and water heaters. If your system is acting funny, there is a smell in your home, or not working the way you feel it should call us to come to check it right away.


At Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning we offer an 18 point tune-up and inspection of your heating system to be sure that the air in your home is clean, and that your system stays reliable through the winter.

We are experts, and happy to provide the best heat pump services to you.

Heat Pump Installation by Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning

At Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning we can install/repair a heat pump into your new home, or replace your old one for increased energy efficiency. Perhaps your old heat pump is costing you a lot of money each year to maintain. Let our knowledgeable professionals discuss the options available to you for replacement.
We will work with you, asking questions to make the best decision for your home and family.

Some of those questions are

  • How old is your heating system?
  • Is your heater safe?
  • Will your energy bills go down with replacement?
  • Will replacing your heater be an economical choice – for example, will continuous maintenance and service cost you more money in the long term than putting in a new system?

At Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning, we have years of experience in helping our customers make sound, safe, and economically smart decisions about their heating systems.

At Cardwell Heating & Air Conditioning we recommend a full service every time of the month for your home. This helps to prolong your heating pump’s operating life and ensure it maintains optimum efficiency. We believe heat pump maintenance is necessary so as to ensure the continued health of your home. Call us today for a consultation.

We are experienced in both the servicing and repairing of all models of heat pumps. Our air conditioning technicians will help you save money on the running costs of your unit and keep it in optimum working condition.

How often should a heat pump be serviced?
Through our extensive product and operating knowledge, we recommend that you should service your residential pumps at least once a year, and commercial units should be serviced between two to four times per year, depending on their usage.
Do heat pumps need cleaning?
We highly recommend cleaning your heat pump condenser coils this spring. If you have a lot of grass and floating debris around, you may have to clean your heat pump weekly! A simple heat pump cleaning will bring you into the cooling season with increased comfort, efficiency, and energy savings
Should I cover my heat pump in the winter?
Should I Cover my Heat Pump in Winter? You should not cover your heat pump because it runs all year long. As long as it's running, it needs to be able to freely take in air along the sides and release exhaust out the top. Sometimes a storm causes snow or ice to accumulate on the heat pump

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