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You may experience cooling issues this summer and wonder if your thermostat is the culprit. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, many issues could affect your home’s efficient cooling. Luckily there are a few ways to detect whether or not your thermostat is the key to your frustrations.

Rising Bills

Your thermostat reads the temperature of the room and attempts to adjust it to the selected degree. Unfortunately, a faulty thermostat will often misjudge the temperature, registering that it is warmer than it actually is. That will create a situation where your AC system is working too hard for more extended periods of time, causing your energy bills to rise.

Thermostat Locked in Settings

One of the most straightforward ways to deduce that your thermostat is faulty is to discover whether it’s repeating the same settings. An easy way to test your efficiency is to notice how quickly your system turns on when you change your settings. If the machine doesn’t turn on immediately, then it’s likely you have a thermostat issue.

Aged System

An older or outdated system is prone to malfunctions. The electrical issues that come from years of use leave the thermostat as the main suspect in your air conditioner troubles. While fixing this issue may provide some temporary comfort, another problem will likely arise soon. If you feel as if you’re dealing with an outdated or aged system, contact a professional and have them guide you in the process of replacing it with a new or better model.

Uneven Temperatures

If some of the rooms in your home are warmer or cooler than others, this is another sign of a faulty thermostat. Any time you feel that the degree you’ve set for your thermostat doesn’t reflect the temperature you feel, you may have a thermostat issue. In addition to the discomfort you feel in some areas of the house, it can also cause bills to rise as a result of over-cooling.

System Won’t Turn On/Off

Faults in the wiring could cause your system to become completely unreliable. Fortunately, if your AC is not turning on or off, you can narrow down your list of possible issues. The problem is most likely an electrical complication in your thermostat.

Frequent Starting and Stopping

When the calibration of your thermostat is off, it could cause major cooling issues. The starting and stopping of your unit will often negate any substantial cooling effects while running up your energy bills. If you feel that your AC is behaving in this way, it requires immediate attention.

Consistent Running

Another possible effect of a misreading in temperature is that your system seems to run consistently without ever shutting off. The good news is that your house is most likely reaching its cooling temperature, but the problem is that it then keeps going. As a result, your AC is overworking, trying to reach a degree that is way past your intended limit, and an overworked system equals more money out of your pocket.

Short Cycling

Improper temperature readings will cause your system to cut off prematurely before the cycle finishes. Short cycling is another problem that will cost you money.

Faulty Readings

A portable indoor thermometer will let you know if your AC actually performs at the temperature you set. It’s the job of the thermostat to read the current temperature properly and then adjust from there. If the two readings are at odds, then it’s likely you need a replacement thermostat.

Temperature Shifts

A faulty thermostat will change its settings on its own. When this happens, the temperature of your home may fluctuate throughout the day. It’s likely you need a replacement and you should contact an expert to assist you in making your house a cool and comfortable environment.

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You could be in the middle of one of the worse times of year in Cherry Hill to have a bad thermostat. Uneven temperatures or rises in your bill might have you in a bind since you don’t know where the issue originates. Cardwell Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing is here to aid you with your heating, cooling, and water heater needs. Call us today to speak with a trained professional about keeping your family cool this summer.