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Commercial Air Conditioner Service

Your Air Conditioning system should be the last thing in your mind when running your business.

Cardwell HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning can repair, install, and perform preventative maintenance on your AC unit no matter its size.  We have years of experience working on large, commercial A/C units and all our technicians are licensed and are trained on all types and brands common on office buildings, restaurants, server rooms, and other commercial establishments.

If you are not sure about how much heating or cooling your office needs, we offer free quotes for commercial air conditioning installation. Our highly trained commercial technicians can calculate the exact make and model best for your building based on your air duct system, office hours, and other variables.

Why Choose Us?

We provide full-service commercial air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance.  Our experienced team of experts have undergone the most rigorous technical training in the industry. No matter the issue, we can correctly diagnose the source of the problem and resolve it quickly and affordably.

Commercial Air Conditioner Service Q/A’s:

What's the difference between residential and commercial HVAC?
Commercial Units Are Packaged, Residential Units Are Split

Residential HVAC systems usually consist of two units: an indoor evaporator and an outdoor compressor. In contrast, most commercial systems combine both heating and cooling into a single rooftop air conditioner.

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