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A ductless air conditioner is a type of central air conditioning system. It uses a series of coils and refrigerants to cool the room but does not have any ducts. This makes it less expensive to install, easier to maintain, and quieter than traditional systems.

Check out incredible ductless options at Cardwell Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing when deciding how to cool down your space. They work well in many homes and provide a level of cooling that’s cost-effective. Whether it’s a fix for your current cooling problems or a new way to make your home more efficient, using the latest cutting-edge ductless air conditioner systems will help you meet your goals. The following are benefits of ductless air conditioning.

1. Adaptable: They Require No Ductwork

The ultimate benefit of ductless cooling units is that they are cost-effective and easy to install. They do not require the expensive installation cost or complex, costly ductwork associated with whole-home cooling, like central air conditioning. With this type of cooling system, it is possible to make older homes more energy efficient. They also cause much lower air pollution, so people living in these homes will be better off. The move away from traditional ducts also eliminates some energy deficiencies.

2. Efficient: They Help Reduce Energy Usage

You may be surprised to learn that a typical forced-air system can cause significant losses for your business. The gaps, tears, and weaknesses create lots of heat and cold, which can be very costly in the long run. One component of air-cooling systems is the ducts, which can use a lot of residential energy and lose approximately 30% in the process. If you’re struggling to find the time for maintenance on your window unit, traditional air conditioning might not be the best option for your home. Switching to an energy-efficient alternative can save you money, especially during high temperatures.

3. Adjustable: They Offer Room-by-Room Cooling Control

Another huge pro of going with ductless air conditioning is that you’ll be able to control the temperature of each room when you install multi-zone ductless air conditioning with one air handler for every room. It makes things simpler since many people have different needs in different areas of their homes.

4. Affordable: They’re Normally Cheaper

Installing a ductless mini-split will be cheaper than shifting your entire home to new ductwork. Though window air conditioners are initially cheaper, you’ll spend more on maintenance and energy costs. Besides, you will eventually have to replace it. Some utility companies offer rebates and tax credits for those who switch to high-efficiency ductless air conditioning. Our specialists have proven their prowess in installing ductless air conditioners.

5. Quiet: Some Are Quieter than Rustling Leaves

Many new ductless mini-split units run at a decibel level of 19. They are usually much quieter than rustling leaves, babbling brooks, and whispering sounds. They’re suitable since they provide a high level of silence in certain areas. Compared with other air conditioners, the quietest window ACs are about 43 decibels on the lowest setting and reach a maximum of 47 decibels during standby.

6. Flexible: Some Come With Heating

You may decide to add the option to have a heated ductless air conditioner during HVAC system installation. There are many reasons why this is beneficial, such as saving the hassle of other heating methods and not having to maintain them. Depending on your system and equipment set up, adding heating is easy. Investing more in an active heating system or a wood-burning stove is not advisable if you prefer the passive method. It saves energy costs during winter since you can reduce expenses on radiant heaters or boilers. At Cardwell Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we have specialists to handle this.

7. Comfortable: They Purify the Air

Another huge bonus of ductless heating and cooling systems is that they cool or heat your space while pulling out contaminants like , dust, allergens, and dirt. It makes the environment more comfortable for everyone, including those allergic to certain things. On top of that, remember that these units effectively pull moisture from the air, which means they can deter the growth of mold, mildew, and other harmful organisms. They also have a “dry mode” feature to dehumidify the home without cooling.

8. Easy: Low-Maintenance and Simple to Install

Ductless AC installation is simpler, quicker, and cheaper than installing central air conditioning. Maintenance and replacement of your ductless air conditioning system are easier and more user-friendly throughout the life of your system.

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